“ Fashion means constant change to me. Change drives my thinking as a designer. Each and every moment something new is born, so you have to keep up, be up-to-date and be always present. This is inspiring and it never fails to give your plans new momentum. And to me fashion is the best way to express myself.”

dramaQueen fashion Illustration Clothing Divatillusztráció és Ruhatervezés
Fanny Cséfalvay is the artist behind dramaQueen. She is a fashion designer and illustrator from Budapest.
She obtained a master’ s degree in womenswear fashion design after graduating from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in Budapest. She also studied surface textiles design at the London College of Fashion for a semester.

After her studies, Fanny worked in different professional fields as a fashion and textile designer at Hungarian brands, as a stylist assistant for a TV channel, and she took part in a fashion designers’ TV contest.

dramaQueen Fashion Illustrations:
Fanny created dramaQueen in 2013 to share her artwork with the world. Since then she has been working for several fashion brands and online fashion magazines as an illustrator.
She can express herself confidently with all kinds of techniques, and she loves to mix these in an unusual way. Her illustrations and caracters are variable, and her artwork emphasizes female beauty, and focuses on fashion.

dramaQueen Clothing:
Her fashion designs reflect her personality, she creates wearable and lovable pieces for customised orders.  As a designer she is working on different fashion projects, like uniform design, bridal design, men and womenswear from working out the design concept until the production of the final garments. The customers’ needs, the current trends, and the properties of the raw materials  are as just important as her vision.

Her main activities include fashion design and illustration for fashion and beauty companies, magazines and designers. She also available for live sketching on events, fashion shows or parties.
The prints of her artwork are also available.

Please feel free to contact on contact@dramaqueen.hu for any inquiries!
I am looking forward to working with you!